Delong Yang: Market Proof Bottom Stick to Value Investment

Delong Yang: Market Proof Bottom Stick to Value Investment

Securities Times Cheng Dan’s A-shares stabilized on Tuesday, the GEM index rebounded rapidly, and technology stocks led the rise, gathering 武汉夜网论坛 market sentiment and improving investor confidence.

Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai Open Fund, pointed out to reporters that the market has proved the bottom, panic sentiment was restored during Monday’s plunge, and the impact of the epidemic on the market was generally short-term, and it did not have much impact in the medium and long term.

  From the perspective of the disk, new energy vehicles, cloud office, masks, bio-vaccines and other sectors are at the top of the list, while tourism, public transportation, and China Shipbuilding are the top ones.

  Yang Delong pointed out that insisting on value investment is very important. If investors hold high-quality white horse stocks, don’t worry or worry about the short-term decline.

The impact of the epidemic on the economy is short-lived and the impact on the market is 杭州夜网论坛 short-term. Once the epidemic is under control, the number of diagnoses will increase every day and the number of diagnoses will decline. Good stocks will rebound first and even reach new highs.

If you are holding poor performance stocks and restructured stocks, you must be extremely careful. You can take advantage of this opportunity to adjust your positions and exchange shares in time to find opportunities to dip in some high-quality stocks.

  Yang Delong said that investors are advised to analyze the impact of the epidemic on the economy and the market objectively and rationally, and to respond to market changes by holding high-quality stocks. The value investment is significant at this time.

The current estimates of A-shares are still attractive. The pace of internationalization of A-shares and the trend of inflows into A-shares remain unchanged. The transfer of selling pressure and release, increased liquidity support, and subsequent outbreaks have gradually stabilized. It is believed that the market has the opportunity to emerge.Stabilize repair opportunities.