[Hyaluronic acid supplement foods that women love to eat]_Add women_How to eat

[Hyaluronic acid supplement foods that women love to eat]_Add women_How to eat

Hyaluronic acid is a sign that a woman’s skin is plump and elastic. It can lock the skin’s moisture well, and it can play an important role in delaying aging and preventing skin wrinkles.

Decreased hyaluronic acid in the skin can cause premature aging, which can severely lead to arteriosclerosis and brain atrophy and arthritis.

If you want to stay young in your life, eat more saponin rice, honey, rose tea, and bird’s nest, which can supplement hyaluronic acid, make the skin moist, smooth, and elastic.

First: Xueyan Xueyan is a pure natural food produced in the natural environment from the juice secreted from the plateau snow lotus.

This thing is crystal clear, jade ice muscle, shaped like a bird’s nest, so it is called Xueyan.

And its own content of more than ten kinds of amino acids required by the human body, calcium, potassium, iron and a variety of beneficial trace elements, can be easily absorbed by the human body, known as a calcium supplement and beauty products, also known as the “green bird’s nest”, snowYan has the effects of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs, detoxifying, and improving the face, and is very suitable for the elderly and ladies who love beauty.

Second: Saponin rice Saponin rice is commonly known as snow lotus seeds, saponin kernels, saponin, is the fruit of acacia, high energy, high protein, low protein, low feces food, with Yangxintongmai, clear liver and eyesight, Spleen nourishing kidney, expectorant and phlegm, intestinal diuresis, emollient and beauty, refreshing Qi and other effects, suitable for all ages.

It is heated and swelled with water, the gelatin is translucent, and it is fragrant and waxy. It is a precious natural green nutritious food to reconcile the functions of the human body.

Third: Honey Honey contains an amazing amount of antioxidants. It can remove garbage-oxygen free radicals in the body, and achieve anti-cancer and anti-aging effects.

Fresh honey applied to the skin can moisturize and nutrition, making the skin delicate, smooth and elastic.

Dry skin in winter. Apply honey to the skin after mixing with water to prevent dryness. Use honey instead of anti-crack cream.

It is a natural beauty for female friends.

Fourth: Rose tea Rose tea can effectively alleviate fatigue, relax the mood, emit depression, reduce backaches and other bad symptoms, and enhance physical fitness have a good effect.

According to science, seven kinds of scented tea are matched in proportion, which can better cultivate the body, so as to achieve whitening effect, and bring better results in the long run.

Fifth: Luoshen flower tea Luoshen flower tea is brewed from Luoshen flower and tangerine peel. It belongs to the scented tea category and is also known as Luohuashen and Luohuashen.

Roselle flower tea has the effects of beauty, weight loss, and antihypertensive effect, which is especially suitable for female replacement.

Roselle contains nutritional ingredients such as acid, vitamin C, elderberry triglycoside, citric acid, etc., which is good for balancing blood lipids, increasing calcium absorption, promoting digestion, detoxifying water, and relieving tiredness in the body.

Sixth: Peach Gum Peach Gum has the effects of clearing heat, quenching thirst, analgesic and analgesic, beauty, and anti-aging.

Peach gum itself is tasteless and tastes smooth like jelly.

There are many ways to fry, stew, cold, and simmer.

But the most logical thing to do is to make peach gum into a dessert.

And because of its beauty effect, it is especially suitable for tremella, papaya, Sydney and so on.

Seventh: Bird’s nest women often eat bird’s nest to maintain the skin, make the skin moist, smooth, and flexible to regulate the endocrine cycle. Bird’s nest for women’s skin care and beauty, make the skin smooth and white, reduce facial wrinkles, clear acne, replenish blood and promote blood circulationFor women, menstrual discomfort, menstrual pain, menstruation and more have a good effect.